I-20 Summit

November 13, 2015 – Friday morning
Xanadu Hotel, Kubilayhan Meeting Room II – III
Organized by Think 20

Technological transformation is a vital contributor to the G20’s goals of strong, sustainable and balanced growth, and runs through and affects all agenda items of G20 from development to employment, from growth to trade. Technological upgrading of developing economies and SMEs are critical for them to compete in global markets and for achieving sustainable global growth. Emerging technologies, from synthetic biology to artificial intelligence, also offer opportunities to address significant environmental, socio-economic and public health risks brought about by rapid industrialization, urbanization and population growth.

Think 20 Turkey will host the Innovation 20 (I20) Summit on November 13, 2015 afternoon, one day before the G20 leaders arrive in Antalya for their annual summit. The Conference aims to bring technology and innovation into the G20 agenda, highlighting the potential contribution of new technologies on sustainable growth and development and cross-border dimensions of technological transformation. In 2015, T20 Turkey brought the discussion of technological transformation and innovation into the agenda of the T20 and the G20 Turkish Presidency. The T20 discussion on technology and innovation addressed developmental issues that were on the UN’s development agenda and were part of the Turkish G20 Presidency’s inclusiveness priority in 2015 Turkey. T20 Turkey set the stage for a future-focused technology and innovation agenda for the G20 at a seminar in Berlin titled “Innovation and International Technology Diffusion” on 18-19 May 2015 (see the seminar report here). This discussion also coincided with the Turkish government’s initiative to incorporate the I20, an unofficial group that began in Australia, into the T20 framework.


09.00 – 09.05 am Opening Remarks
  • Güven Sak, T20 Chair, TEPAV Managing Director
09.05 – 09.35 am Keynote Speeches
  • Hye-min Lee, G20 Sherpa Republic of Korea (invited)
09.35 – 10.45 am Session 1. The Role of New Technologies in Achieving the G20’s goals

Moderator: Güven Sak, T20 Chair, TEPAV Managing Director

  • Helen Mountford, Programme Director, New Climate Economy
  • Magdalena Yeşil, Founding Board Member and First Investor,
  • Mario Pennisi, I-20 Australia Chair
  • Nathalie Moll, Secretary-General, EuropaBio
  • Richard Hsu, Ecosystem Builder, TEDxShanghai and Pan-Asia Network
10.45 – 11.00 pm Coffee Break
11.00–12.15 pm Session 2. Information Technologies in Sustainable Development

Moderator: Magdalena Yeşil, Founding Board Member and First Investor,

  • David A. Olive, Senior Vice President, Policy Development Support, ICANN
  • Heba Ramzy, Director of Corporate Affairs for Middle East and Africa, Microsoft
  • Katie Kulik, Senior SVP, CBS Interactive
  • Mehmet Kemal İnan, Founding Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of Sabancı University
  • Ping Lang, Deputy Head of International Politics Theory, IWEP
  • Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO, Zuora
12.15 – 01.30 pm Lunch Break
01.30 – 02.45 pm Session 3. Biotechnology in Sustainable Development and Global Health

Moderator: Selin Arslanhan Memiş, Director of Center for Biotechnology Policy, TEPAV

  • Adrian Thomas, Vice President Global Market Access and Global Public Health, Janssen
  • Børge Diderichsen, Vice President, Novo Nordisk
  • JaeHyun Kim, Senior Director of Celltrion Healthcare Hungary
  • Jerry Lee, Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Fahrettin Kelestimur, President of Directorate of Health Institutes in Turkey
02.45 – 03.00 pm Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks