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Bengisu Özenç

Bengisu Özenç holds a B.S. degree and a M.S. degree in Economics from Bilkent University. For her M.S. thesis, she worked with Prof. Dr. Erinç Yeldan and analyzed the costs and benefits of alternative policies for Turkey to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases under general equilibrium model. Özenç has been working at TEPAV Economic Studies since July 2006. She studies on general equilibrium models under the body of "TEPAV|MOD: Impact Analysis" program. Bengisu Özenç contributed to several studies at TEPAV which includes TEPAV|MOD General Equilibrium Model and EU-funded projects that conducts impact analysis for REACH and LCPD Directives as well as impact analysis trainings TEPAV provides for public institutions, awareness raising projects on impact analysis, macro-simulation models conducted by TEPAV Global Crisis Working Group, "Investment Climate Assessment Project" carried out in cooperation with the World Bank, and Industrial Strategy and Industrial Policy reports.