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Børge Krag Diderichsen

Professor, PhD; Vice President, R&D Outreach, Novo Nordisk, Denmark In 1981, Børge Diderichsen joined Novo Industry to examine the use of genetically modified organisms in the production of insulin and industrial enzymes. He was appointed director of Gene-Technology in 1991, Vice President of Strategic Research Management in 1993, Vice President of Corporate Research Affairs in 1996. Since 2012, he is Vice President of R&D Outreach, focusing on building research based relations with universities, research institutes and other public institutions in emerging markets. He has an extensive international network and has in professional contexts visited most of the European countries as well as USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, The Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and Ukraine. He has dedicated much of his time and energy to help Novo Nordisk expand its R&D activities in China and to build partnerships with leading Chinese research institutions. Børge Diderichsen is Vice-Chair of the Board of Novo Nordisk – Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Fund and Vice-Chair of the Board of Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Research Fund in China. Børge Diderichsen is adjunct professor at Aarhus University. He is chairman of the Institutional Advisory Board of VIB. He received the First Distinguished Service Award of European Federation of Biotechnology in 2006. He is a strong advocate of cooperation between universities and industry, and has promoted various public-private partnerships on education, research and innovation in Turkey, Iran, and Argentina as well as in several European countries. Børge Diderichsen was born in 1952. He has a master’s degree in biochemistry (1976) and a PhD in microbiology (1980) from the University of Copenhagen. He is member of the Danish Academy of technical Sciences, and regular member of the STS Forum in Kyoto, Japan.