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Dorte Borch Storper

Mrs. Dorte Storper, Denmark CEO VIFU, FoodNetwork Executive Master Change Management and Leadership: Diploma in Marketing Management: Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration Present research interests: Address global societal challenges and create sustainable growth. Dissemination of knowledge between university-institutions and food companies to promote innovation in the food industry. Management experience: VIFU´s main object is to create growth, innovation and development within the food industry. An important means to achieve this objective is to disseminate knowledge between international knowledge institutions like universities and the food companies. As a part of this work VIFU co-operates with a large number of SME’s on projects, activities and network. Furthermore VIFU coordinates and manages various ministerial, regional and EU-projects. Among these is the FoodNetwork. This is an innovation network for the food sector in Denmark within the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The network is extensive and includes a large number of Danish universities, research institutions, innovation parks etc. The aim of the network is to create growth within the food industry through networks, projects and activities.