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Halit Ünver

Dr. Halit Ünver is a scientist at the University of Ulm and Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Management/n (FAW/n). He earned his doctorate in the field of Information Society with the topic “Global Networking, Communication and Culture – Conflict or Convergence”. Previously, he studied economics and information technology. Dr. Ünver is working on issues such as global sustainable development in the context of the information society, digital inequality, international cooperation and global education. He worked as a trainee for Daimler Corporation in the fields of IT-Management (Global Networking) and research and development. He completed an executive education at the Imperial College London Business School. He is a member of the Young Leaders Group Alumni of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Foundation. Dr. Ünver is the chair of the NGO Europe-Union district Danube-Riss. He is committed to University Days Eco-Social Market Economy and Sustainability.