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İpek Aydın

İpek Aydın holds a MA degree in International Relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has working experience in different organizations in Washington DC, USA and Ukraine. She has worked as the program coordinator at Assembly of Turkish American Association (ATAA), she conducted research at American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC), took part some of the projects in Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE) for Central Asia Studies. İpek Aydın joined TEPAV in 2004 and worked as the Research Associate at the Foreign Policy Studies. After 4 years at TEPAV, she served as Secretary General of the Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association (TUID) Odessa Branch between 2008 -2010. Aydın joined TEPAV back in November 2010. Upon her return, she presumed the position of TEPAV’s External Affairs Coordinator. She is in charge of TEPAV’s internationally funded projects and evaluating collaboration opportunities for TEPAV. She is responsible for coordinating TEPAV’s public relations internationally. İpek Aydın is also the Coordinator of the Russian Center under TEPAV.