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Julia Francis Kulik

Julia Kulik is a senior researcher for the G20 Research Group, G7 and G8 Research Group, BRICS Research Group and Global Health Diplomacy Program, based at the Munk School of Global Affairs in Trinity College at the University of Toronto. She has researched and written on G20, BRICS and G7/G8 performance particularly on the issues of regional security and gender equality. She has recently co-authored articles entitled "Generating Global Health Governance through BRICS Summitry" in Contemporary Politics and "Connecting Climate Change and Health through Global Summitry" in World Medical and Health Policy. She has delivered several papers including "A BRICS Alliance within the G20? Assessing the Performance of BRICS Members" at PUC Minas in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, "The Role of Space and Place in Informal Security Arrangements: The Case of the G8" at the 2014 International Studies Association Convention in Toronto and "Working for Women`s Security" at the Pre-G8 Summit Conference at Queen`s University, Belfast in June 2013. Julia leads the group`s work on gender, women`s health, regional security and summit performance.