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Kathryn Bradstreet Kulik

Katie Kulik, SVP CBS Katie Kulik is Global Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CBS Interactive. An 18-year sales and marketing veteran, Kulik is a digital native. She has spent most of her career in the digital technology space. She is an expert in spotting new tech trends before they become mainstream. She excels at taking these insights and creating new products that she brings to market at scale and with predictable, sustainable results. She understands how to connect brands with customers anywhere. Kulik directs a worldwide team of more than 170 sales and marketing professionals dedicated to building major campaigns for brands across CBSi’s ecosystem of screens, from online to mobile and social platforms. She leads marketing innovation and global revenue for the world’s largest premium digital content sites including: CNET, Gamespot, TVGuide and others. She represents over 14 brands, across 4 business units, with a combined reach of 300 M global unique monthly visitors. In addition to direct sales and programmatic revenue responsibility she also runs the CBSi Branded Content Studio – Studio 61, Product Marketing and Events Marketing. She lives with her husband and daughters in Tiburon, CA.