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Magdalena Yesil

Yesil has been active in Silicon Valley for over 25 years. She is the founding investor and board member of and was a general partner at US Venture Partners (USVP), making investments in information technology start-ups. She has served on over 15 boards, has been part of five IPOs and private company sales. Yesil joined USVP after a successful career as an entrepreneur, founding two electronic commerce companies, CyberCash, a pioneer in the secure electronic payment systems area, and MarketPay, a software company. She also was part of UUnet in its early days and a pioneer in the commercialization of the Internet. Yesil was chosen Entrepreneur of the Year in 1997 by Red Herring magazine. She started her career as a semiconductor design engineer at Advanced Micro Devices. She is the author of a best selling electronic commerce book titled Creating the Virtual Store, published by Wiley.