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Mehmet Tiraş

Mehmet Tiraş is currently the Executive Vice President of USAK (International Strategic Research Organization). Before joining USAK in 2010, he had served as the CEO for various private international companies. Together with his financial and administrative responsibilities at USAK, he also contributes to the formulation of USAK’s long-term strategies and coordination of domestic and international meetings that form a platform facilitating communication between governments, academia, and think-tanks and NGOs to discuss security issues as well as many other topics. He is also the executive editor of USAK’s monthly policy magazine, Analist, which focuses on issues of international security and strategy. In 2012, he was awarded with a fellowship from the German Marshall Fund (GMF). After graduating from the Department of History at Ankara University, he went on to pursue his MA degree in International Relations at Beykent University in Istanbul. He is currently a doctoral candidate studying International Security at the Institute of Security Sciences in Ankara. His main research interests include International Security, African Studies and Networking. He also speaks fluent English and intermediate Russian.