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Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss, partner of A.T. Kearney responsible for Turkey, has more than 14 years of international consultancy experience in strategic management, supporting a wide area of industries from emerging markets across Europe with a strong focus on energy and utilities, financial services, process industries, pharma and healthcare, consumer goods and retail and public services. He is leading the office in Turkey providing clients with superior leadership, strategic thinking and a collaborative approach. As a trusted advisor and strategy specialist, Michael is managing projects in a variety of industries supporting clients in both public and private sectors. Michael assists leading companies in strategic and operative market repositioning, including strategic foresighting, growth strategies, mergers& acquisitions and cost competitiveness in both domestic and international market. In the actual dynamic and challenging economic environment, Michael is recognized as a thought leader and he is often quoted in the national media. He initiated and steered successfully numerous business conferences with high exposure in the region, promoting innovation and forward thinking among business leaders.