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Peder Holk Nielsen

In April 2013, Peder Holk Nielsen, born 1956, took over as the second CEO of Novozymes since the IPO. Peder has dedicated his career to the field of industrial biotechnology, beginning in 1984 as a Product Manager in the Enzymes Division of Novo A/S. Through the years, Peder has worked in many different parts of the business, not only shaping the company as it is today but also solidifying the market insight and research capabilities that will foster Novozymes of tomorrow. Peder’s career path quickly took him into a succession of leadership roles. From 1987 he became head of the New Business Development Group. He took over as Vice President in R&D in 1990. In 1995 Peder joined the management team of the enzyme business in Novo Nordisk A/S initially as Vice President of Development and Quality Management, and from 1999 he led Sales and Marketing in the enzymes business. He held this position until the demerger of Novozymes from Novo Nordisk. With the creation of Novozymes in 2000, Peder continued running the operational side of the business as Executive Vice President, responsible for sales, marketing and supply chain activities. In 2007 he assumed leadership for all of Enzyme Business, including production, procurement, development and quality management. During his many years in the management teams of the Novozymes business, Peder has focused his attention on developing organizations and processes that effectively can turn customer insights into product ideas and deliver solutions that excite Novozymes’ customers. Often he has been directly involved in leading such ventures as was the case when Novozymes built its partnerships in biomass conversion. Peder Holk Nielsen holds a Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a B.Com. in International Business Management from Copenhagen Business School.