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Richard Johann Hsu

Richard Hsu has lived and worked so far in 5 neighborhoods, in 5 sets of 11 years : - China and Hongkong - Europe (Paris, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium) - US (New York, Los Angeles) - Japan and South East Asia (Tokyo, KL, Bangkok, Singapore, Kaoshiung) - China, Hongkong, Korea and Taiwan THE PRIMARY AREAS OF HSU’S WORK RANGED FROM : - museums to publications (New York, Paris, China..) - retail to brand development (Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, France, China, Hongkong..) - education and learning platforms (USA, China, Laos, Thailand..) - city consultancy to urban regeneration (Taiwan, China, Russia, Malaysia..) HSU’S 3 PRIMARY ACTIVITIES PRESENTLY ARE : - full time teaching at the graduate school of Design and Innovation, Tongji University Shanghai - curates and produce 2 platforms : TEDx in China and Pan-Asia Network - consults a few clients in the areas of education, city advancement, brand development Hsu connects dots between a few ecosystems - cities and rural, neighboring cities, education and learning, creative industries, industries, social innovation.