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Selin Arslanhan Memiş

Selin Arslanhan Memiş holds a B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul University (2008). As an undergraduate student, Memiş studied in projects on cancer genetics and tissue engineering coordinated by Istanbul University and Yeditepe University. She obtained her MBA degree from TOBB University of Economics and Technology (2010) with her dissertation on the economic value of R&D processes for biotechnology companies. Selin Arslanhan Memiş started working at TEPAV in 2008 and took part in several projects including “Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for the Establishment of National Cancer Institute of Turkey (NCIT)”, “Economic Assessment of the REACH Regulation on the Chemicals Industry of Turkey (ERCIT)”, “Technical Assistance on Developing Models for Fiscal Policy Analysis and Evaluation – Health Module”, “Economic Impact Assessment of Call Centers on Erzurum’s Development (Turkcell)”, “Life Sciences Feasibility Study” and, “Research on Pricing and Repayment Methods in Hospitals.” Having studied as a Health Policy and Public Affairs Specialist at Bayer, Memiş joined TEPAV back in October 2012. Selin Arslanhan Memiş specializes on health policies and life sciences.