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T. Tunç Uyanık

Experience: Financial and private sector development, financial sector policy and regulation; financial sector assessment and reforms, banking sector restructuring, lines of credit and guarantees; financial inclusion, asset recovery and management. Tunc joins as the CEO of WSF, after being a key contributor to its founding. Tunc is currently the Special Envoy and Chief Adviser to the President of TOBB and B20. He is also the Chair of the Turkish B20 Steering Committee. Prior to this, Dr. Uyanik was Director of the Financial and Private Sector Development Department in East Asia and Pacific Region at the World Bank, as well as the Director of the Financial Systems Global Practice which was leading the World Bank’s efforts in promoting sound, efficient and safe financial systems. Through diagnostic assessments in the Financial Sector Assessment Programs (FSAP) as well as technical assistance and policy advice in a full range of legal, regulatory, supervisory, and systemic stability matters, the Financial Systems Global Practice addressed weaknesses in regulatory and supervisory frameworks and increases transparency of financial systems in the World Bank client countries. It also carried out assessments of countries’ anti-money laundering regimes in the context of the FSAP and on a stand-alone basis. He was co-chair of the Financial Sector Liaison Committee (FSLC), which is the decision making body on FSAPs and other joint financial sector activities with the IMF. Dr. Uyanik played a leading role in the financial and private sector development policy dialogue with the Governments and heads the World Bank’s operational work in the above areas. He was responsible for developing and managing the World Bank’s work program, leading policy discussions, operationalizing its policy work and providing implementation support to clients. Dr. Uyanik was also the chair of the World Bank’s Islamic finance working group, and led the World Bank’s dialogue on this area as part of Financial Systems Global Practice. In addition, Dr. Uyanik led the Global Infrastructure facility (GIF) team during the GIF’s initiation for the World Bank Group.