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Tian Huifang

Dr. Tian Huifang Senior research fellow Environmental Economics and Development Economics Email: Working Experience 1. Oct. 2007 — Present, Senior Research Fellow, IWEP, Chinese Academy of Social Science. 2.Jan.19, 2012 — March 26, 2012, professional training program on “Climate and Ecosystem Change”, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 3. Nov. 2008 — Aug.2009, visiting scholar in Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario. 4. Sep.2001 — Jul. 2003, Part-time research staff in China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Center (CEMAC), National Bureau of Statistics, P.R.China. Some Researching Experience: 1. Huifang Tian and John Whalley, 2014 ,“Developing Countries and The UNFCCC Process: Some Simulations From an Armington Extended Climate Model”, , Climate Change Economics, Volume 2, 2014.5 , 2. Huifang Tian, 2013,“US-China Cooperation and Gaming in Energy and climate change”, International Economic Review, 2013.6 3. Huifang Tian and Yuyan Zhang, 2013 “How G20 can better support global governance:A Chinese perspective”, 《The Tricontinental Series on Global Economic Issues》, 2013.5, Volume 2,ISBN: 978-981-4401-87-6 4. Huifang Tian and John Whalley, 2013 “Cross Country Fairness Considerations and Country Implications of Alternative Approaches to a Global Emission Reduction Regime”, NBER Working Paper No.18443,Cambridge, Mass. 2012.10. 5. Huifang Tian, 2012, "Enabling the Protection of Jiaozhou Bay Water Quality—Low carbon city planning of Qingdao, Shandong", Asian Development Bank Project NO. 7219-PRC, March, 2012. 6. “Post-Kyoto International Climate Negotiations and China’s role”, Journal of World Economics Investigation, Sep, 2012. Some International Workshops Experiences: 1. Series of UNEP/UNDP Conferences on Green Economy, 2011-2014 2. Series of Workshops of “APEC Green Finance for Green Growth” 2010-2012, 3. Series of ADB/I workshops on Climate Change and Green Growth, 2010-2014. 4. Presenter of 7th BRICS Academic Conference in Moscow, 2015 5. Presenter in workshops by CIGI, NRDC, ERIA or Universities, etc.